Hollywood Jack here bringing you a roundup of our favorite cat commercials.

Hollywood Jack

Although Cooper the Cattledog would love to roundup Buffy Cat and me, that’s not what this post is about. In today’s Writing 101 assignment one of the choices is to publish a roundup of favorites: posts or bloggers, music, books, etc. We chose to roundup cat commercials. Please enjoy Buffy’s and my favorites (in no particular order).

Although some cat lovers take offense at this video, I have my doggy side and can relate.

And, as you can guess, this one is Cooper’s favorite.

Some of you may know my hero, Henri le Chat Noir. How can you not see the resemblance…


I am on the left, Henri on the right.

In 2013, Henri le Chat Noir partnered with Friskies and had a “Bowled Under” contest (to raise food for cats in need). Commercials they weren’t but clearly they promoted Friskies. Henri made four videos and after each of the first three we (with hundreds of other cats) submitted a meme about our boredom with dry cat food.

We didn’t win anything, clearly the contest was rigged… but we did get a personal letter from Henri thanking us. Here is our favorite of Henri’s videos, although not one of the Friskies promotions it deserves to be featured.

Thank you for ‘tuning in’ to our roundup of cat commercials. I hope you had a purr and a giggle. Until next time,

~Hollywood Jack~



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  1. Oh my, had a good laugh! These are great. I took enough French to recognize a few words, that was an awesome one about the cat wanted to train the dog! Thanks for sharing.

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