Welcome back to 2catsandacattledog’s blog with a post about our playful puss and pup pause, or is that paws.

Tuxedo Jack

Purrs and barks from Buffy Cat, Cooper the Cattledog and myself, Tuxedo Jack. We have been on an extended sabbatical, after our protracted strike on our Mom’s blog Meghan aka FireBonnet. Perhaps you read about it. If not, here is one of the press releases.


That was last summer. We did take a vacation… for a whole year! What did we do? We filled our creative selves with catnip, liver treats, long naps, lots of play and dog biscuits. We feel rejuvenated and collectively decided to re-envision 2catsandacattledog.com, and start posting again. No more posting on Mom’s blog. If we’re going to write poetry and purr-ose, we’ll write for our own blog, and sign with our own paws.

Now that we have our creative pup and puss paws back under us, we’re ready to charm you with our poetry and purr-ose each week. Please take your time purr-using our past posts and checking out our clever ‘who, what, when, where and why’ introductions (under header).

A big thank you to all our fans for being so loyal. I hope you enjoy our new look and our new material (coming up soon). We’d also love to have you share our stuff, the more the purrier (share buttons on left or at bottom of post). And if you haven’t already, subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss a post (subscription info on right)!

Yours sincerely,

~Tuxedo Jack, playful puss with purposeful alliteration~

P.S. We are still ironing out snafus on our newly designed blog so please be patient with our secretary administrative assistant as she works through them.

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    • I appreciate the welcome Mary. It looks like Roxy and Torrey are having a great time in Idaho. I myself am enjoying nature… I’ve even gone on a walk all around the woods with Mom and Cooper. I’m a traveling cat!
      ~Tuxedo Jack

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