Mom wanted to take pictures of this bike, but without me in them.  However, a neighbor dog had left some very interesting pee-mail so I wouldn’t budge.  I mean really… she needs to get her priorities straight!

bw bike cooper

Photobombing at its best!



Mom is saying this photo is the best of the week for her for Week 11, so see what happens when I ‘interfere’ with her agenda?  Brilliance!  I guess she really likes the ‘treatment’ of the photo… whatever….bestphoto

12 thoughts on “(Barely) B&W Sunday: Pee-Mail

  1. I was wondering if the black and white blog hop still existed. I love those half color photos. Yes, your Mom has her priorities mixed up.

  2. Oh the nerve of the neighbourhood dog to leave peemail on the bike. Quick peemail back!!! XD 😛 The dreamy effect is kind of unexpected for me for this shot :)

    • I can see what you mean weliveinaflat. It is a little odd to have that dreaminess.. I was trying to get rid of the distracting urban surroundings and then I stumbled upon this treatment and it just looked cool to me so I thought I’d try it. Looking at it now, it doesn’t really enhance the theme of the post, but experimentation is what it’s about sometimes. Thanks for stopping by!

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