Buffy Cat here with not just one haiku but three exploring a single day in my life.

The assignment for Writing 101 today is: let’s try something new: write a post that takes place during one single day. As it is my haiku Thursday, I’ve written three poems about my day: morning, noon and evening. Enjoy!


Morning for a So Cal cat in the autumn Idaho mountains.


cold, my breath is stopped

I turn away from the door outside

watch quick birds inside

Mid-day on Mom.

buffy hide dogs

 hiding from dog breath

I look for quiet nap places

busy morning done

Early evening on the ranch.

buffy hide

dusky mice to catch

sunset shadows help me hide

will I eat tonight?

~Buffy Cat~

Thank you for reading about my single day told in three haiku. I enjoyed the challenge.


~Poetess Buffy Cat

As an added bonus, you might enjoy seeing these…


Watching the birds.


Looking for the bird that I brought inside.

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Click on me for more of my purrific haiku.


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