Buffy here… my haiku for today is called Four Paws.


Two feet, four feet

Pretty striped front and back paws

Is Mom a cat too?


I want to share a haiku my muse wrote for me. His name is Kuruk Babybear and he is a snow dog. Can you believe it? I got started writing haiku because Ku encouraged me… a D.O.G.  Of course it helps that I’ve only ever met him in haiku space and not in physical life, although I think I’d like him there too. Anyway, you can read all about him and his amazing rescue in his book, Kuruk the Little Bear That Could: One Rescue Pup’s Journey of Healing. And here is the haiku:

Poetess Buffy
Glad to have inspired you
Composing haiku

I think Mom is lazy today because she wants me to join Thursday’s Special instead of writing her own post for it… but that’s ok with me because I think Kuruk is pretty special and people should know about him. Please enjoy other creative posts by visiting the host of “Thursday’s Special”, Lost in Translation.

And of course we’re joining Ruckus the Eskie and Love is Being Owned by a Husky on Thoughtless Thursday because they like my haiku… imagine… other snow dogs like my poetry. Hmmm… there must be more to these snow dogs than just furry paws.