haikuBuffy Cat here with my usual haiku, today inspired by the 4th assignment in Writing 101: A Story in an Image.

My fans will know that each of my haiku are inspired by a photo, but the photo is always my mom’s personal photographer’s, and usually of me. This time I took up the challenge and picked one of the four photos that we could choose from for the assignment. My secretary admin assistant found another image (not me) to double inspire me.


Man leaps out to fly

With invisible wings a cat leaps

Gravity claims us.



Thank you for visiting and reading my haiku this week. I appreciate my faithful fans… feel free to click the green ‘did you smile’ button below – after all, I am smile worthy.

Meow ~Buffy Cat

Click on me for more of my purrific haiku.

Click on me for more of my purrific haiku.


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