It’s Black and White Sunday for us Busy Bloggers

All week I’ve been dictating non-stop.

black and whiteBuffy’s been hard at work thinking up her haiku…

haikuAnd then there’s Cooper who is just plain pooped.

Pooped Cooper

We’re looking forward to a relaxing Sunday, unless one of us gets into mischief and then we’ll have to write a blog for Mischief Monday!

~Tuxedo Jack (who’s always in black & white)~



11 thoughts on “Busy Bloggers in Black and White

  1. Aww, you guys are so adorable. I hope you’re resting up today! Love the lighting in the second photo, very pretty.

    • Thank you Marquie, the sun comes right through that window and made some dramatic light for that shot. Happy B&W Sunday!

    • Thank you Jenna… they are all sleeping at the moment! 😉

  2. Doesn’t look like you’re going to have much luck with finding mischief. Everyone looks way too tired to cause any trouble. :)

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