Clandestine Affection

Mom and I cuddle when Dad takes the D.O.G. for a walk. I admit that I have P.T.S.D.D. Post Traumatic Stress Dog Disorder.  I jump at any noise when I don’t know exactly where Cooper is.  I’m ok at the beginning of the cuddle since I’m pretty sure the walk will take a while, but when it’s been silent in the house for a longish time, I’m ready to bolt when the outside door opens and I hear the click click click of his claws on the hall floor!

But I love my mom’s cuddles….



There’s no linky today, but that doesn’t stop us from having a great Black and White Sunday!

13 thoughts on “B&W Sunday: Clandestine Affection

    • Thanks Purr Therapy! Mom was going to close the door to the bedroom, but I was already on her and purring… Maybe next time we can be undisturbed.

  1. Glad you get some time for cuddles without that pesky dog. Magic is still very traumatised from her first home as a tiny kitten and even now 11yrs later dog barking freaks her. You are very brave living with a dog and we hope it treats you well.

    • It has been very difficult, and thank you for your sympathy. I’m sorry Magic was so traumatized. We could probably have a nice long meow fest on that subject! Thanks for stopping by. ~Buffy

  2. Ashton has the same reaction when cuddling with the head peep on Date Night with Ashton, only she has post-traumatic-manpeep disorder. She cuddles with him until she hears the front door open, then she’s off like a shot. The lure of cuddling isn’t as strong as the fear of scary things like dogs or manpeeps, is it?

  3. We agree, mom cuddles are the best. We’re lucky we don’t have a dog around here to worry about.

    Thanks for coming by and visiting us yesterday! We’re following you now.

    • And we’re following you! Cooper has lots of dog blogs he’s in so we want our kitty friends!

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