I’ve been caught in the existential question… In or Out?

in or out

In or Out

Ok, Mom, I’ll come in with you and Cooper… oh wait… no I think I’ll stay outside, it IS really nice weather today.  On third thought, it’s so considerate of you to invite me in.  But wait, there is something I really meant to do out here… now what was it? Oh yes, I need to eat some grass. But then again, I DO have some tuna left in my dish inside… In or out… hmm, do you think you could keep the door open for another five minutes while I consider the pros and cons of the situation? Thanks!

~Tuxedo Jack~

P.S. Mom wants me to plug her new blogging challenge over on her blog Meghan aka FireBonnet. It’s all about finding Random Moments of Delight. I don’t know why you humans need to FIND them, they aren’t lost! I have constant moments of delight… well maybe not when Cooper is trying to hump me…

Anyway, here is her new challenge: Random Moments of Delight. It is open from Sunday through Thursday every week.


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23 thoughts on “B&W Sunday: In or Out

  1. It’s a very difficult question! The dogs (except for when Onyxx is looking for food) are usually glued to my side so if I’m in, they’re in and when I’m out, they’re out.

  2. Our cats are indoor cats, but Samantha likes to escape and she knows just how to do it. Just wait for one of the dogs to be hesitating at the door trying to decide if they want to be in or out!
    Our job as pet parents is really just as glorified door people. I’m not even sure we’re glorified though. :)

    • I love it! Non-glorified door people. YES! We have five cat doors in the house (3 to the outside) and they still want to go through the people doors. Although they are allowed out, they never stray far.

  3. Oh no, that’s a tough question for sure! We sure hope you were able to make the best decision after weighing the pros and cons! 😉

    • I did, and Mom was nice enough to keep the door open until I turned away for good. I have trained my door person well. Of course, if it had been any colder out she wouldn’t have kept the door open and I wouldn’t have had to think for very long.. inside it would have been! ~Tuxedo Jack

    • Tuxedo Jack here… I decided I needed to eat some grass after all to help me gak up a hairball or two when I went back inside. Then I could eat my tuna.

  4. Oh that feline expression. “Hmm. How many decisions can I make while my door person awaits my choice.” :) Precious!

    (LOVE the name of your blog!)

  5. How well our Jan is familiar with that with Rusty. He’s the only cat that goes outside in the dog pen. But Merci has selective hearing and takes her time while Jan holds the door open and heats the outdoors. Frustrating.

    • Ah yes, selective hearing… I’m familiar with that! 😉

    • I think decisions are important, but why do cats have to take so long making them?

    • Well, they have a dog door and two cat doors to the outside… yet they still prefer bugging us… 😉 We have a few indoor cat doors as well, and I think perhaps it would be a great idea to have one into the bathroom… why do they always want to witness us do our business?

    • Thank you very much! Finally, someone who appreciates me… :) Jack

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