Leaf me AloneWhat is it about our humans that they need to be so goofy?  Dad just couldn’t help himself… he put a leaf on my head just so Mom could take a funny photo.  But I love them so I gave them a funny face.  At least they didn’t put reindeer antlers on me!



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14 thoughts on “B&W Sunday: Leaf me Alone

  1. Humans they make us do the silliest things. Gotta love'em

  2. It was good of you to humor your humans, Cooper, we really need to just be goofy sometimes! You’d better watch out though, those reindeer antlers may be next! :)

    • I AM worried about that Jan… It was bad enough wearing cat ears on Halloween. sheesh. Thanks for stopping by. ~Cooper

  3. My momma tries to put silly things on my head…sometimes, if she offers enough treats…I’ll let her. But I make sure that’s the one and only time that particular whatever-it-was that was put on my head is the only time it’s ever used. For anything. Everything like soooo much better in ripped up pieces on the floor!

    • Now that’s an idea I hadn’t considered Poodle at Play. Ripped up to pieces! Hmmmm…. thanks for the suggestion. ~Cooper

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