Tuxedo Jack here today with our Cat-tledog Comic Tuesday: Cats Rule, and our 12th assignment for Writing 101.

Our first five comics ever were part of a series called Cats Rule. The Writing 101 assignment says to play with word count today; reducing or expanding existing posts is one direction to take. In this post we are combining all five of those comics into one (Word count Comic count). We are also throwing in an entertaining video which we’ve never done in our Cat-tledog Comics.

Cooper and I enjoy a friendly debate on occasion, I win but he has the last word… D.O.G.S!



Here is the video that proves that Cats Rule.

Stay tuned for more Cat-tledog Comics in the weeks ahead, not to mention 8 more Writing 101 assignments…

Purrs and barks,

~Tuxedo Jack (and Cooper the Cattledog)~


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10 thoughts on “Writing 101- Comic Count: Cats Rule

  1. Okay, this is just plain awesome! I love cats and I love dogs and you just hit the funny bone with the zombie video!

    • Thank you very much Megan. I was pleased at the quality of the video, and of course there is a tuxedo cat starring in it. Excellent casting. If you would like I’d be happy to scratch your funny bone next week. 😉 Jack

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