Tuxedo Jack here with this week’s Cat-tledog Comic Tuesday with nothing but text applied to our photos, not special at all, yawn…

Yawn 1

It’s week 11 of the Snappy H’appy Challenge, the week to work with apps that add text to a photo. It’s not like Mom (firebonnet.com) doesn’t know how to do this already but she’s never worked with the app called Studio Design on her tablet, so she wanted to try it.


To make matters worse, the letter in the A-Z Challenge for today is Y so we all had to yawn for the camera.

yawn 4

I hope we didn’t bore you with our photos about yawns and texts, but if we did, feel free to take a cat nap. If you want to see more of our comics, the ones with dialogue and the cool thought bubbles, go here.

~Tuxedo Jack, Cooper the Cattledog and Buffy Cat~

Cat-tledog Comic Tuesday