Black & White Sunday

in or out

I’ve been caught in the existential question… In or Out? Ok, Mom, I’ll come in with you and Cooper… oh wait… no I think ...

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B&W Sunday: In or Out

I'm ready for the party to begin!

. I’m ready for the party to begin. ~Tuxedo Jack~ . Join the Blog Hop with beautiful Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever. Powered by...

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B&W Sunday: Table Ornament

Mom Loves Me

You know your mom loves you when she plays with you BEFORE she takes off her work clothes! ~Cooper~ Join the Blog Hop with beautiful Dachshund Nola ...

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B&W Sunday: Love Furrever

Leaf me Alone

What is it about our humans that they need to be so goofy?  Dad just couldn’t help himself… he put a leaf on my head just so Mom could ta...

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B&W Sunday: Leaf me Alone

Clothes Drying

It was really nice of Mom to put clean damp sweaters out here on the dresser for me to sleep on.  I can help her dry them and keep cool while lazing ...

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B&W Sunday: The Clothes Dryer

bw bike cooper

Mom wanted to take pictures of this bike, but without me in them.  However, a neighbor dog had left some very interesting pee-mail so I wouldn’...

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(Barely) B&W Sunday: Pee-Mail

I don't understand why Mom keeps complaining about something called carpel tunnel syndrome...

Here I am dictating my riveting post We Went Pink, posted on the Saturday Pet Blog Hop.  Perhaps next week I’ll try my paw at some investigativ...

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B&W Sunday: Journalist Jack