Cooper the Cattledog here posting my late writing assignment.

assignmentEducat Jack enrolled us all in a writing class starting on Monday (I don’t actually remember saying yes…). He assigned Buffy and me to write something about what we did on our summer vacation to get us ready, and it was due yesterday. I was worried because I’m not very good with words, I’m better with barks and whines. Then I saw that Jack Cat wrote a ‘photo’ essay for his assignment. It had lots of pictures and not too many words. That sneaky cat, I can do that! And only one day late.

On my summer vacation I played tug of war with my cousin Riggin the Hangin’ Tree Dog and a Wubba.


Until this summer I only knew how to play Wubba fetch with Mom. I am EXCELLENT at bringing it back, after all, if I don’t bring it back, how can she throw it again?


When we moved here to McCall, Idaho, Dad’s son came too and brought Riggin. I’m not too keen on sharing with other animals, but Riggin is pretty goofy and not bad company.


AND he likes to play… a lot! When Mom threw the Wubba once Riggin tried to take it away from me and I wasn’t going to let him have it, but he kept tugging at it! That’s how we learned to play tug of war.

We played it every day in June…


And everyday in July.


And everyday in August.

When we play we do our best to destroy the toys so we are always happy when a new box of Wubbas comes. Once in a while Mom sews them up to make them last longer, and she whines about needing another job to afford them….

Once Mom bought the wrong size Wubba. I brought it back to her but she was laughing so hard I just dropped it. I wonder where that one went…


So that was my summer vacation. Thanks for reading.


Awww darn it I thought I was done but Educat Jack says my assignment needs a conclusion.

How’s this, you can watch us play tug of war on a video!

It might look like Riggin has the upper hand in this video, but I’ve never lost a game of tug of war, I always drop the Wubba at Mom’s feet at the end (you don’t suppose he lets me win do you?). When we’re done playing, we’re ready for a big bowl of water.


Thank you very much for reading my blog post. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m a little worried because my assignment is late… but what’s the worst thing that could happen? Jack could eat some of my dinner? Oh wait! That would be BAD… now I’m really worried…

~Chow, Cooper~

Want a Wubba? Here’s a shout out to Kong dog toys.. HERE. Mom’s gotten boxes from Amazon and Chewy filled with different colored Wubbas. (she likes the pink ones best because she can find them in the fields… not like the camouflage ones :( )


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11 thoughts on “Cattledog Musings: My Late Assignment about a Wubba

  1. Thanks Cooper excellent blog post. We were wondering if you ever watch the Disney Channel in particular a show called dog with a blog

    • Cooper here- I have not seen that show, but Mom just showed me a clip. Stan has a patch over the same eye as I do! How awesome is that? Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Every day??? No wonder you guys got so good at tug of war! You’ve had a lot of practice! I see there was a lot of trash talking in the video. Always a good strategy.

    Love and licks,

  3. My big sis was a tug a war player, but not anymore. My little sis and I play chase everyday, in the same way and we love it.

    • Cooper here… we all have our favorite games! I used to like to play frisbee but Riggin doesn’t get it so because we are together we play the game we both like. Thanks Emma for commenting.

    • Cooper here- That is soooo right Slimdoggy. We have a new box coming this week. We only have one left that still has the big ball in it. woof!

    • Thank you Barbara. (Human here) I just visited your site, and got the great widget you have for the Adopt-a-Pet and put it on this site. And you have the same wordpress theme I have on my other site, I love that theme. It’s very nice to meet you. ~Meghan

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