Tuxedo Jack here with a photo essay fulfilling my own writing assignment, What did you do on your summer vacation?

summerEarlier this week, as Educat Jack, I assigned Cooper the Cattledog, Buffy Cat and myself to write a piece of poetry or purr-ose about what we did on our summer vacation. It is due today. I can hardly be late for my own assignment so without further ado, here is my essay.


Late in the spring my family moved from Southern California to our ranch in McCall, Idaho. I adjusted well to the change of scenery and have had a very entertaining past few months.


The weather was magnificent and I spent many hours outside breathing the mountain air.


I took long walks in the fields and woods, often with Cooper.

I helped Dad make order out of the barn, inside and out… a work in progress!

Mealtime with the family was always a treat. Cooper and I even helped Mom cook dinner.

It was difficult to stay clean on the ranch, but I managed with consistent persistent grooming.

I kept a few steps ahead of one dog, and a few steps away from another (Cousin Riggin needs to learn about a cat’s ‘personal space’).

I wasn’t always on the go. I took lots of naps, watched movies and caught up on my reading.

This summer I explored my dark side…


… I hunted.

I did eat what I caught, well maybe not the big one.

All in all, my vacation was wonderful. I feel refreshed and ready for the chill of autumn. With luck Cooper and I will take a few more warm walks down to the barn to watch the sunset before we learn what this thing called snow is.



I believe that fulfills the summer vacation writing assignment. On Monday we start our Blogging University Writing 101 course. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Thank you for reading my friends. See you next week with another Caturday post from Jack Cat of Many Names.

~Tuxedo Jack~

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4 thoughts on “Caturday on Friday: Jack Cat’s Summer Vacation

    • Thank you Jan! It is a pretty amazing place. Living in the suburbs all my life I had no idea how fun a ranch can be. Thank you for saying hello. ~Tuxedo Jack

  1. That was one busy summer! Thank goodness you had time for a hundred naps. Whew!

    Love and licks,

    • Cupcake, I am also relieved to know I could nap so soundly here on the ranch. Fall and winter look to be less busy, it’s been rainy and cold all week and I’m not one to get my paws wet. I hope my coat grows a little warmer! Purrs, Tuxedo Jack.

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