matchingamber heardToday we are giving you the scoop on Amber Heard and her pets while conducting Celebrity Saturday in Sepia so we can join Sepia Saturday with Ruckus the Eskie (try saying that 10 times fast).

Hollywood Jack: Cooper, did you know that Amber Heard has a Yorkshire Terrier named Pistol?

Ace Pup Reporter Cooper: Really?

Hollywood Jack: Yep, here she is walking him in New York City.

Ace Pup Reporter Cooper: What’s that other picture of? It looks like she’s getting a new pussy to go with her pup!

Hollywood Jack: Could be (with tongue in whiskered cheek) … But I think it’s really just a clever art piece (more here) inspired by her new fiance Johnny Depp.

~Hollywood Jack and Ace Pup Reporter Cooper (in sepia)~


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14 thoughts on “Celebrity Saturday in Sepia: Amber Heard and Her Pets

  1. Happy Sepia Saturday! Man, I cannot say that 10 time fast. Barely even one time fast! Why are you in sunglasses? The stars are too bright for you? HAHA ok. cheesy joke.

    • Pretty funny Ruckus! It’s because we don’t want the paparazzi to recognize us of course! 😉

    • I’d be happy to be compared to Elvis! Thank you very much (said Elvis style). ~jack

    • Well, we do live in Southern California… Thanks for stopping by!

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