visit to the vet

Does this thermometer thing happen to you other pets when you go on a visit to the vet? I don’t know about you, but I think we need to band together and tell P.E.T.A.



Just let me know if you want to start a petition…

9 thoughts on “Comic Tuesday: Visit to the Vet

    • We are poked and prodded and even if the doctor is really nice, it is quite uncomfortable!

  1. I think my girls would agree with you!!!! Poor Mika cries the whole time she is at the vets! You would think someone is beating her or something, the way she carries on, the second we walk through the door! Haha! Poor thing!!
    ((Husky hugz))

    • Let me know if Mika wants to put her paw print on a petition! 😉

  2. Buffy,
    Argos the dog here. Could not agree with you more. When I see ’em coming, I hang on to my mom! Let’s get this P.E.T.A. thing going!

    Happy WW!

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