Cooper here.  A few weeks ago my dad came across a video called Cats Stealing Dog Beds.  Being a human with a pretty slapstick sense of humor, he thought it was hilarious.  Since then I’ve noticed the video on a number of dog blogs.

Many of you readers have seen the video, but I will give a link to it here for those of you who haven’t.


Cats Stealing Dog Beds

Personally, I have never been picky about where I sleep.

I enjoy the floor…

Playing DeadAnd the carpet…

Cowboy Dreams

Mom’s chair…

iphone 9.7.13 447

The laundry…

iphone 9.7.13 420

and of course the BED…

iphone 10.15.13 012

Then a few weeks ago, Dad put a new rug in the bedroom and Mom decided to add what she called a Dog Bed.  Apparently it is easier to clean a dog bed than a carpet or a rug.  I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it since as I said I can sleep anywhere.  But then I became aware that someone else was sleeping on MY bed…

Stealing the dog bed 1

And it happened more than once!

Stealing the dog bed 2

In fact, day after day…

Stealing the dog bed 3

Now let me tell you, it’s not like the C.A.T. doesn’t have anywhere else to sleep…

There’s the drawer…

Cat Drawer

And the sink…

Cat Sink

Mom’s desk…

Mom's Desk

AND his very own cat condo!

Cat Condo

So he has plenty of places to sleep!

I began to think about it, and the issue of cats stealing dog beds, and I became a little worried that perhaps I should do something about Jack sleeping on my bed (after all it IS called a dog bed).

So I confronted him…


He wasn’t very impressed with my argument, and he yawned and said he’d think about it.

Isn't it my bed?

Cooper Paws

Cooper PawsCooper Paws




How did it turn out you ask?

Well, I finally stretched out on MY DOG BED

… as soon as Jack left.

(Patience is the better part of valor after all…)

My dog bed!

And you know, it’s a pretty nice place to sleep.

~ Cooper

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10 thoughts on “Dog Bed Discussion

    • Thanks Snoopy! Honestly? My favorite bed is the people bed!

  1. Make sure you stay on your dog bed from now on – it's the only way to keep the cat off. Guess I'm lucky. Scratchy, the cat I live with, doesn't care about my bed.

  2. Make sure you stay on your dog bed from now on – it’s the only way to keep the cat off. Guess I’m lucky. Scratchy, the cat I live with, doesn’t care about my bed.

  3. That bed looks perfect for Jack XD… the human does let Donna sleep on the legs of her chair because she is worried that Donna will get run over by the chair legs when the human forgets Donna is there and decides to roll around the chair for the fun of it…

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