My mom artist drew another me, this time to go with my very first haiku, ‘Whisker Whispers’.


My whiskers whisper

As sun sleep takes me away –

Falling leaves outside.


Catrepreneur Jack had almost given up on ever publishing my haiku in an e-book, but maybe Mom Artist can step up her game and do more drawings to go with my haiku… what do you think?

Purrs and licks,

Whisker whispers Buffy…

Click on me for more of my purrific haiku.

Click on me for more of my purrific haiku.

4 thoughts on “Haiku Buffy Cat: Whisker Whispers Two

    • Guess what Miss Genevieve… I just published my first Kindle e-book of Kitty Haiku. Wow, that was hard, it’s time for a nap. Mom is writing all about it in her post tomorrow on She says thank you so much for your encouragement!

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