Mom's Birthday Selfie

This is our goofy Mom.  We love her lots and it’s her birthday.  We’re posting this tribute on the off-chance that she might give us some cake…



Two Cats

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!


You cuddle great!

And the Cattledog


We love you!


bestphotoA note from Mom… Thank you so much my fur family.  I feel like it’s my birthday every day with you lovely friends in my life!  And no you can’t have any cake… but we’ll see what other kind of treat I can find. 😉

On a side note, I really like how my photo booth selfie came out (see above). So I’m using it for my Best Photo of the Week.  I’ve been trying to do a photo booth forever and couldn’t find an app that worked well for using pix from my album.  Finally I found one: Instabooth.  I take a selfie every birthday to remind myself of what I was like then.  These shots ALL came out (for a change) and fit perfectly in the photobooth theme (even slightly blurry for the full effect). ~FireBonnet

23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom!

    • We’ll keep you posted. She’s not even home from work yet…

    • No we didn’t get any cake. Dad took Mom out to eat and they didn’t bring any home. :( It’s probably good though because I hear it was chocolate and that’s not good for me. Now we’re holding out for pumpkin pie tomorrow. I’ll take some pie and the Two Cats want the whipped cream.

  1. Happy birthday! Hope mom shared her cake! (Or at least some treats!) A bday photo every year is a good idea! A little late I suppose for me to start now…

    • We did take good care of her… and gave her lots of licks.

  2. Great choice of the photobooth selfie. I sometimes think we don’t look at ourselves enough and selfies is very helpful in that aspect. Happy birthday once again, may every day be good ^__^

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