Jack Cat here excited about attending a pirate party over at Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny’s place.

Buffy Cat, Cooper and I are all going. There are many buccaneer pusses, pups, bunnies, and birds going. A whole fleet of them, and they are all wearing their swashbuckling duds. Ahoy!

Let me introduce you to Pirate Princess Buffy Cat:

Pirate Princess Buffy Cat

I wonder how she lost that eye… maybe in a cat fight.

Here is Cooper the Tattooed Corsair with his Wubba swag.

Cooper the Corsair

He’s a buccaneer that looks pretty in pink.

And here I am, the infamous Pirate-Cat Jack.

Viking Captain Jack

Quite dashing don’t you think? Who else could wear this hat with such panache?

I wonder if I need the term Viking in the title. What do you think? Decisions, decisions.

We’re off to Speedy’s Annual Pirate Party now… argh. If you can’t come that’s fine, more shrimp and catnip grog for me.

~(Viking) Pirate-Cat Jack~

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We're joining this fun party, you're invited too! Just click the pic.

We’re joining this fun party, you’re invited too! Just click the pic.


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