Hello my friends, Jack Cat here revealing name number 9…

Last week I introduced you to my 8 personae (here) leaving number 9 a secret to be unveiled this week. To recap, I’m known as:

Jack Cat
Tuxedo Jack
Journalist Jack
Markat Analyst Jack
Hollywood Jack
Catrepreneur Jack
Poet-Cat Jack
and Comedi-Cat Jack

And now, if I may have a drum roll please… here is number 9:

Catfuscious Jack


Dear Catfuscious,

I have a dreadful problem. My husband snores all night long and I can’t sleep. I’ve tried everything, ear plugs, white sound machines, kicking him. Nothing helps. Do you have any advice?

Tossing and Turning in Toledo

Dear Tossing and Turning in Toledo,

Really? You wrote to ask me that? Dear Abby answered that question years ago. Go read her book.

However, since you took the time to write to me I’ll give you MY answer.

Catfuscious say, catnip in snoring man’s tea before bed will help him purr like kitten instead of roar like lion.

~Catfuscious Jack~

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you will come back soon to see which one of me, me, me or me will be writing next.

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