Jack's Market ColumnHey cautious cats and daring dogs,

Remember my market advice Pawdate 2456595.5?  Well, precious metals did NOT exceed their highs two weeks ago and those lucky dogs following my advise are chewing on treats, having NOT lost their kibble!

What’s new?  Employed numbers went up much more than anyone expected but apparently it didn’t help.  The unemployed percentages ALSO went up!  ???? Go figure!

In this bizarro market where sometimes bad news makes the market go up and good news makes the market go down, confusion reigns.  I told Cooper to take some profit and simply wait for a better frisbee toss. Big money has moved out of the market, and suckered us poor cats in so they can take their profit.  Luckily Buffy keeps all her glittery objects under the bed.

Stay tuned next week for more from Jack’s Wacky Wednesday Market Corner.  (Don’t these glasses make me look smart?)

~Tuxedo Jack~