Jack's Market ColumnHi Buffy.  I see you have a new coin purse!

Yes Jack.  I’ve decided to protect my sparkly things in case of a market flash crash.Buffy's sparkly stuff

Well Buff, can’t you just use a close “sell stop” to protect yourself?

You know Jack, I am only putting a LITTLE of my sparkly stuff at risk in this “risk on” environment.  The market could open the next day 5,000 points lower and all my sparkly stuff could be gone. The stops would be worthless!

Excellent thinking Buffy, it must be the glasses…

Join me again next week with more market insight on Jack’s Wacky Wednesday Market Corner.

~Tuxedo Jack~


11 thoughts on “Jack’s Wacky Wednesday Market Corner: Pawdate 2456630.5

    • Thank you very much. I’m rather fond of the look myself. 😉

    • Well, I would rather spend my time basking in whimsy, but Jack reminds me that sparkly stuff can multiply if I think about how to do it. Who doesn’t want more sparkly stuff? Thank goodness I got glasses though since it’s hard to concentrate for very long without them.

    • It makes my little heart happy to play with all that glitter.

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