Extra, extra, read all about it, Literary Pets go Viral.

Jack Cat here. Yes you heard it right, overnight our blog got 50,000 followers.

Writing 101 Assignment #16, Blogging U

Overnight, you discover you’ve gained 50,000 blog subscribers. What would you write for your next post?

Here is the newest edition of Firebonnet News with the amazing story.


Granted this news article is fictitious, but we do expect to be ‘discovered’ this year. Our mission is to put a smile on our readers faces (all 50,000) with every post so they return again and again for fun and cheer.

yawn 4Thank you for reading our 16th literary assignment. We have 4 more to go. We’ll be glad when it’s over so we can nap more. Cooper is afraid he’ll get a B (for bark) but I’m pretty sure we’re going to get an A (for attitude catitude).

~Tuxedo Jack~



4 thoughts on “Literary Pets Go Viral

  1. You’re off to a great start, TJ. I return over and over…. That’s one down, 49,999 to go. Ouch! That math hurt my head!

    Love and licks,

    • Thank you Cupcake. Hmmmm perhaps that’s a new personae for me Cat-hematician. That rhymes with magician … which is what we might need for those 49,999 more. 😉

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