Meghan Deinhard aka FireBonnet

Meghan Deinhard aka FireBonnet



Cooper, Jack and Buffy’s mom here.  Since I pen the musings of my incorrigible furry friends I’m participating in a meet the blogger hop. The intent is for bloggers to get to know something about each other, especially those of us who are ghost writers for our pets! 😉

I’ve answered seven of the twenty questions we could choose from. Since I’m a visual artist, I’ve included photos to go with each one (I just can’t help myself, I speak in images).

Here we go!


What do you wish you were more skilled at?

I would like to be a better singer.  Although I did musical comedy when I was in my teens and twenties, I’ve always been insecure about my voice.  My husband and I are talking about putting together an act when he retires … comedy and music – him on guitar and he and I both singing.  It would be great fun, and a wonderful excuse to get over that insecurity.

I drew this on my tablet when my now hubby and I were dating.

I drew this on my tablet when my now hubby and I were dating.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to ride with my husband on his motorcycle.  The one we ride (he has MANY) is a Honda Sabre Shadow 1100. We call him Trusty Steed. We ride all over the gorgeous curving hills and along the coast of our area in So Cal. We also ride in the gorgeous mountains of Idaho when we head there for the month of July.  We even took a honeymoon tour through Idaho, Washington and Montana in 2011.  I LOVE it.

On Trusty Steed

What can your body do for you that makes you most proud?

My body healed marvelously after a full hip replacement February 8, 2013.  I rode the motorcycle only five weeks after surgery and I joined a gym (Curves) in mid August to continue to strengthen my muscles and increase my flexibility.  It is awesome to go on walks with Tim and Cooper now!

This is what my surgeon wrote on my thigh right before they wheeled me in for my surgery... to make sure they replaced the correct hip!

This is what my surgeon wrote on my thigh right before they wheeled me in for my surgery… to make sure they replaced the correct hip!

What’s one thing you could do to be more kind to yourself?

Stop worrying about my weight!!!!!  I had an eating disorder for much of my life.  I’ve learned how to deal with it in a healthy way, but I still have a little nagging voice that says I should be about seven less pounds….  😉

Working out at Curves is meant to get me fit... not to "lose" weight.  I am beautiful the way I am.

Working out at Curves is meant to get me fit… not to “lose” weight. I am beautiful the way I am.

Other than blogging, what are three things you do that bring you joy?

I LOVE eating out with my hubby!


I LOVE creating digital art.

One of my digital designs.

Raven’s Reverie, One of my digital designs.

I LOVE spending time on my hubby’s ranch in McCall, Idaho.  So does Cooper!

Cooper and Me

If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?

My husband would retire tomorrow!  Then we could move to his ranch in Idaho and spend the summers there and the winters traveling down to warmer climes in our motor home.

Tim and me (and Cooper) July 2013 in McCall, ID

Tim and me (and Cooper) July 2013 in McCall, ID

What drives you nuts about your pets?  What melts your heart?

Cooper is very possessive of us (Tim and me) and he whines when he thinks Jack or Buffy are getting attention or an advantage that he’s not getting.  He even makes a fuss when Tim and I kiss or hug.  We are going to use positive reinforcement training to help him let go of this behaviour (I’m learning all about it from my Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange buddy Laurie Luck at The Smart Dog Blog.)

My heart melts when my timid BuffyCat curls up in my arms and relaxes enough to sleep deeply.  It doesn’t happen as often as it used to since she is wary of Cooper.  But I make sure and put aside some time when I keep Cooper on the other side of the bedroom door so we can have our own special bonding time.

Buffy Sleeps


There you have it… a little something about me.  I have another blog that some of you might not know about.  It’s called Meghan aka Firebonnet and it’s at  I do more art related stuff on that blog, but it is also down to earth.

I’m looking forward to reading about lots of other bloggers in this getting to know you blog hop.



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20 thoughts on “Meet the Blogger Hop: Hello, I’m Meghan

  1. I miss our motorcycles sometimes. We were in Sun Valley this summer but didn’t go all the way into McCall. Pretty country. And I love Montana. Yep the motorhome and chasing the good weather, that’s us. Except we aren’t retired and ours is a 5th wheel.

    • My husband is going to get a “toy trailer” to haul behind the motorhome to carry our Scion IQ car and our motorcycle. We can’t be without our “ride”!

    • Thank you so much! I’ve been blogging so much and then have a temp FT job so haven’t done much art in the past few months. The job is over soon and I can’t wait to get back to it.

  2. Hi Meghan! It was great to learn more about you….what a fun life you lead, riding on the motorcycle and hanging out on a ranch!
    Our cats aren’t really lap cats, and I do miss that. Samantha will hang out with us and the dogs, but she wants to be on us, not next to us. Conrad just likes to keep to himself. I think it’s great you make special time for Buffy.

    • Thanks Jan. It’s been quite a long haul for Jack to teach Cooper that they can “share” me on my lap.

  3. Fun to learn more about you! I hear you on the weight thing. I’ve always been pretty thin, but at the same time I’ve almost always constantly told myself I need to lose 5 lbs. Now I think back on some of my younger/former weights and think “How could I have thought I needed to lose weigh then?!” (And, yet,… right now I’m thinking ‘In the new year, I’ll try and lose 5lbs!’)

    Love your art!

    • Thank you Jackie! (lets see if we can lose 5 lbs in the new year… NOT!) 😉

  4. My husband just loves wearing overalls as they are sooooo comfy. I did a whole set of those drawings for Tim and I have them as cards for sale on my ETSY store (cleaned up more than that one and without Tim’s and my names). Thanks for stopping by! I’m looking forward to your get to know you post (next week?).

  5. Actually I have decided to do that hop tomorrow instead of this n that Thursday. And well, u guys look great in the overalls!!! I grew up in the country with horses and the like, so I know all to well about that stuff, and love it!!!

  6. Nice to meet you. Love all your answers, I’m glad you are dealing with your weight problem, you are looking good so tell that little nagging voice to be quite. Have a great night.

  7. Really enjoyed reading your answers and learning more about you – so glad you joined the fun.

    I love that you added images to go with your answers! I especially liked the Raven you posted – how fantastic.

  8. You sound like a hoot to hang out with Meghan. I love your pictures and visual art. I think 90% of people are visual so I think you're safe with all the pics. I love that you have a ranch in Idaho! I am SO jealous. It is beautiful in the mountains.

    My heart melted reading about your special time with BuffyCat. How very precious. So very nice to meet you! Thanks for joining the hop!

  9. As I have gotten older, I focus more on being healthy than losing weight now too (although it would a nice side effect. I need to lose more than 7). I enjoyed looking at your photos to accompany your answers.

  10. Thanks for joining the blog hop Fire Bonnet, it's nice to meet you. I love your outlook on life. Personally, I'd love to retire tomorrow. :-)

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