Happy Mischief Monday, Cooper here.  Yesterday was cold here in Southern California.  Mom says all sorts of places around the country have been really cold. But at our house we don’t run the central heater.  Mom grabbed her laptop and decided to work on her blogs out in the living room by a roaring fire. Blogging by the Fire

It’s fun to stay with her in the living room, instead of her ‘office’ in the bedroom, because I can keep a better eye on my dad who is always doing stuff in and out of the house on the weekends.

Keeping an eye on Dad

For most of the morning, Mom sat on the floor while I took the couch.

Love My Wubba

 It was nice and peaceful.

Nap Time

Then suddenly I realized Dad was sitting at his computer behind the couch.  And worse still, Jack Cat was sitting on the back of the couch right next to him!

Oh no

I couldn’t have that!  What if Dad decided to like Jack better than me?  I can’t let Jack get any kind of advantage, so I kept a close eye on him.

Finally Dad left and I could get back to keeping Mom company by the fire.  This time I was right there under the table next to her leg, keeping close… in case Jack came to work his wiles on Mom.

Under the table

Barks and licks,


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14 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: That Darn Cat

    • I do the same at night! Only she’s not so happy when she gets sandwiched between Jack and me. ;(

  1. You are SUCH a handsome dog. There is NO WAY dad will like some dumb cat more than he likes you.

    P.S. Don’t tell the cat I said that.

    • It is a cozy fireplace! Thanks for dropping by Roxy! Stay warm in St. George.

  2. You definitely have to keep an eye on those cats, Cooper, they are very sneaky!
    Great photos and story, I loved it!

  3. Rita doesn’t know how you can live with a cat! She’d not only keep an eye on that darn cat, she’d be giving him an ear full too! (I don’t run the central heater either… but our stupid gas fireplace is on the fritz. Luckily we have a small heater that really cranks out the heat in our living room to tide us over until the fireplace gets fixed!)

    • It has been a trial Jackie and Rita… they just don’t understand the concept of being a herd…

  4. Hey Cooper

    I’m surprised you got any rest buddy!! Loved your video!

    We’ve had cold weather here too in northern california, Mum’s whining a lot and wearing a gazillion clothes, I’m just sticking to my normal fluffy coat! :)

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. Great story :-)Nice photos!
    I loved your video.
    I think you have to keep an eye on that cat!
    Woof, … you can’t trust them :-)
    Last weekend we had snow here in Sweden … Brr
    Love Stina

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