Mutt Butt Shot!


Hey, if the cats can drape themselves over the back of the couch, so can I!

I’ll have you know, Mom took a lot of shots of me on the back of the couch. I don’t know why she had to use this big butt shot! She says she’s showing off my muscular back-end… I think she just wanted to use the title Mutt Butt.

Happy Black and White Sunday!



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20 thoughts on “Mutt Butt Monday on B&W Sunday

    • Yes! And I have a view of the front door… to watch who comes and goes. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thank you Zu… blush… ~Cooper the (romantically shy) Cattledog

    • Thanks Livvie! I think it’s headed for Instagram tomorrow… so it can be on a Monday! 😉

  1. Ha ha ha! Well, my humans are often talking about my butt, too, but they don’t call it a mutt butt!


    • I think it’s an Instagram thing… Mutt Butt Monday is when all sorts of dogs show their butts. Ok, well all their humans show their mutt’s butt pictures. Honestly, I’d rather just sniff them myself.

  2. Can’t say I blame her, I would’ve done the same thing! Who could resist the opportunity to use a title such as “Mutt Butt”? It’s too good to pass up. 😉
    If it makes you feel any better, your behind is adorable!

    • Awwww thanks… I love her… she can call my butt whatever she wants… especially if she takes time to scratch it!

    • Thanks Sugar! Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to conserve your strength sweetie!

  3. BOL!! I like to lie on the back of the couch and easy chair too!!! High up is good, gives you a great perspective.

    • Thanks Miss Harper Lee… I guess it’s ok to show my butt if it makes people (and dogs) smile.

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