Pet-Bloggers-Gift-Exchange-graphicCooper the Cattledog here. Mom signed us up for something called a Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange in December and somehow that led us into making a New Year’s Resolution.  In the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange, pet bloggers get paired up with other pet bloggers to give each other the gift of compliments and praise during the holiday season. The pairing is random and we were auspiciously paired with Laurie Luck of Smart Dog University. I remember the very first time we went to her blog. Laurie had just posted this video and I was hooked. I don’t think I was hooked on the same thing Mom was, but I loved Laurie from then on.

I’m pretty sure that Mom was hooked on the idea that she could train me using clicker training.  I was hooked on the idea of eating treats… as in real food like cheese (yuuuummmmm) and pepperoni (double yuuuummmmmm).

So how does this translate into a New Year’s resolution?  Well, apparently Mom is going to buy a clicker.

new years

And THEN use the above TREATS, and the CLICKER, to help me to change my more annoying behavior.  I’m not sure what that annoying behavior is, since I’m pretty awesome. But according to Tuxedo Jack I do whine a lot. I really don’t know what he is talking about. I don’t whine, I communicate! Humans aren’t very good at reading my body language (really, I tell them everything with my ears and my eyes… granted I don’t have a tail to wag, but I’m very clear with the rest of my body). Anyway, sometimes I have to resort to singing to get my message across.

6a00e54fae15378833019b0275cc46970d-800wiI digress. Back to Ms. Luck and her Smart Dog University. I really like the idea of that.  I’M a smart dog, and higher education has always been one of my goals. It was serendipity that we were paired for our holiday gift exchange, even if it did lead to a New Year’s resolution. You should check out her blogs and Facebook page. She seems to have at least one dog who looks like a pony, but I understand he’s a Great Dane and is part of her service dog in training program. Wow, imagine, being able to instruct someone like me to take care of a person who can’t quite manage a normal life. What a cool thing! If I didn’t already have such a noble goal in life (taking care of my Mom and Dad), I’d want to be one of Laurie’s service dogs.

Ok, so you want to hear more about this New Year’s resolution and how Mom is going to use the clicker? Well, honestly, I’m not sure. Jack seems to think she’s going to make me stop herding him and Buffy. I said that was never going to happen. Buffy thinks she’s going to keep watching Laurie’s videos until she finds the one that says cats should live inside and dogs should live outside, but I don’t think that’s going to happen either. I think that Mom is going to watch what Laurie teaches and then do what she always does… love me, and Jack, and Buffy, and find the best thing she can to help us live happily together as a family.

I urge all of you to check out Laurie Luck and Smart Dog University (I’m still not convinced that Schooner isn’t a pony). You can find her on Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Smart Dog U BlogSmart Dog’s Blog and Google+.  She seems pretty famous!

Our New Year’s Resolution

To use positive reinforcement training to make our family even more happy, healthy and loving than ever before.

Please feel free to check out all the other wonderful pairs of Pet Bloggers who got to know each other through this blog hop.

~Cooper the Cattledog~

A note from Cooper’s mom: I highly recommend Laurie Luck’s video tutorials on her blogs (and gathered together on her YouTube channel). They are very well produced with lighting and sound of excellent quality. Her teaching style is down to earth and easy to follow. The videos are just the right length, allowing beginners like me just enough information without being overwhelming. She is engaging and her dogs are delightful and well-mannered (thanks to her easy-going positive reinforcement practices). I’m so glad we were paired with her for this gift exchange.



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7 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution – Thank You Smart Dog U!

  1. Wow, what a great job, Cooper. You kept me grinning and wondering just what you were going to say next. :)

    I’ve been lucky enough to meet Laurie and two of her dogs at BlogPaws. Even Schuyler the puppy is able to sit quietly in a lecture for an hour. Impressive, huh? You better hope your mom doesn’t try to pick that for her clicker training goal.

    BTW, I love your mom’s resolution and I can’t wait to see how it comes out. Maybe you’d like to join the Train Your Dog Month challenge we’re hosting (see the link below).

    Thanks so much for giving such a kind gift to Laurie in the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange. She’ll be thrilled to see it.

    • Thank you so much Pamela! I’d probably be very good at staying for a long time… as long as there isn’t a cat to herd… 😉 (Now Mom wants to go read all the ones she missed on that great gift exchange hop)

  2. Aw, thanks for the kind words. You dog AND your kitties are all wonderful candidates for clicker training! Everyone can learn! :) Clicker training just makes it easier and faster. So happy we got to meet through the wonderful Pamela at Something Wagging This Way Comes! I am looking forward to a 2014 filled with Two Cats and a Cattle Dog! :)

  3. I used clicker training with Mika and it worked wonderfully!!! Lexus not so much. Not really sure why? I wish u the best of luck with it. When it works, it’s a wonderful thing!!
    ((Husky hugz))
    “Love is being owned by a husky”

    • Animals are all so different. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. What an awesome post – I love that being paired up with Laurie inspired a resolution, and such a great one at that! Laurie is one of my favorite people – I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her, and she’s an incredibly kind person who is lots of fun to be around. This post is simply fantastic – what a wonderful gift to know that her words and videos are reaching people and making a difference. :)

    So glad that you joined us for the exchange!

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful ‘review’! I’m pleased to know Laurie is as kind and fun in person as she is on her blogs and videos.

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