Buffy Cat, Cooper the Cattledog and I went pink this week to help our people highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We’re not really sure what it is, but we know we don’t want anyone sick and if this will help even one person get better, or not get it at all, then we’re all in.

It turns out that my BFF human, Rebecca, had it and is now all better (5 years) and she loves that color so what better reason than that to Go Pink!

I'm looking handsome in the pink sink.

I’m looking handsome in the sink.

It was hard for our Mom to find much of that color around the house since it is not really ‘her’.  But she did have a pair of socks…

Ooooo, I like stinky pink socks Mom!

Ooooo, I like stinky socks Mom!

Buffy volunteered to take the other pink item Mom found… a ribbon.


At least I didn’t get the stinky socks…

So get the message out there!!!!!


Oh, I guess it’s supposed to be


(You get the idea!)

~Tuxedo Jack, Buffy Cat and Cooper the Cattledog~

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