What do we do?


Spokes-Cat Jack

We are talented writers and humorists. We have been working at our mom’s blog lately, Firebonnet.com, but now want to stretch our paws and get back to our own blog.

I, Jack Cat, have taken the lead and done my research.

Journalist Jack

I keep my secretary on her toes (or keyboard as the case may be).

black and white


And inspire my co-writers to write.

all three

We have something for everyone:


buffy badge 2cats

Buffy has over 30 original haikus to her credit.


Cooper dictating his cattledog musings to our secretary.

Cooper dictating his cattledog musings to our secretary.

Slapstick Humor

Comedi-Cat Jack



meme dog fart

Selfies and Photobombs

lazy aft selfie

Cultural references


and Music


It’s kid friendly

Mother goose jack

With more sophisticated, often existential content to satisfy most adults.

go in to be

We even have some product placement here and there (ahem).

jack catrepreneur

All in all we have a terrific blog and we want to share our talent with the world… THAT’S what we do.

We’re Pawesome!

(You’ll notice that sometimes our photos have ©firebonnet.com and sometimes ©2catsandacattledog.com. Our secretary administrative assistant is firebonnet and she is our photographer.)

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