Who Who are we?

My name is Cooper. I’m a five-year old Australian Cattledog of the Red Heeler variety.  I just found an article on Wikipedia about Australian Cattledogs… I had no idea we were such an impressive breed!  My family bought me as a puppy from a man at a rodeo.  He had kept me in his small kitchen alone every day… I guess he didn’t realize how energetic a working dog is.  I’m pretty sure I wrecked that kitchen.

I was in a bachelor’s paradise with Dad and his three sons. And then when Dad fell in love with my now mom I realized my calling was to be HER heeler…. and drats, her cats’.



Salutations, my name is Jack… often known as Tuxedo Jack, for obvious reasons. I have a few other names which you’ll discover as you read our posts.

As a kitten I lived with a family who thought I should be an outdoor cat.  What were they thinking?  I decided to move, and explained my plight loudly next door. My now mom finally took me in.  SHE knew I was an indoor cat. It’s impossible to keep this beautiful coat clean when you sleep in the dirt.

Over the years, I’ve lived with a cockatiel, a guinea pig, hermit crabs, fish, mice, a hamster, a Blue Heeler and three different cats; but training Cooper is the most exasperating!



Hello, my name is Buffy.  I’m named after Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I used to suckle my human mom’s neck. She hoped that naming me after a vampire slayer instead of a vampire would help.  It didn’t.  I was adopted as a kitten by my forever mom shortly after being rescued from a construction site (who leaves kittens at construction sites? :( ).  I’d only known her, her son and Jack until we moved here. And THEN I learned about D.O.G.S. My new dad is awesome, but why he ever thought having a dog was a good idea I’ll never know.

We’ve been together now for three years, and just moved from suburban Southern California to a family ranch in McCall, Idaho. Although Cooper still tries to herd Jack and me, we are tolerant of his shortcomings and I only have to hiss at him two times a day now.

Who are we? Join us on our adventures and find out!

(You’ll notice that sometimes our photos have ©firebonnet.com and sometimes ©2catsandacattledog.com. Our secretary administrative assistant is firebonnet and she is our photographer.)

12 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. I’ve been so behind on commenting…but I love your blog and have so much fun seeing your Instagram photos!

  2. Hello my friends! I’ve nominated you for Blog of the Year 2013. I have really enjoyed following your fun posts. In my post I have Two Dogs & a Cattledog as the blog nominated but I also mentioned FireBonnet. I thought I would leave it to you to chose both or either for the award. I love both of them!

  3. Hi Cooper, Jack, and Buffy! We’re so happy you stopped by and told us about your Blog! Cooper, you are a stunning red dude! And we’re so glad you found your perfect human in your mom (and the kitties) 😉 We’ll be seeing you around :)

  4. You guys are awesome!!! I love your blog!! My fur kids would totally get your plights…2 herding dogs that feel the need to herd my 2 rescued cats, who in turn feel the need to keep the dogs in their place!

    • Oh my goodness YES! They would so get it. The constant back and forth… Buffy still does the hiss thing, but Jack just sits or lays down where he is until Cooper loses interest or goes to sleep. He’s a patient cat. lol

      • Yes…one of my cats is a Tuxedo as well…and he kind of thinks he is a dog…so he tends to put up with most of the ‘abuse’ from my young Aussie who thinks her nose is a beak. Occasionally her ‘beak’ gets a swat :-)

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