Waiting for Dad to come home on Monday

And waiting for Dad to come home on Tuesday.

And waiting for Dad to come home on Tuesday.

Now that Mom makes a fire in the fireplace the minute she comes home, we hang out in the living room with her instead of her “office”. We keep an eye on the door around the time when Dad’s due home.

~Cooper and Jack~

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20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Waiting for Dad

    • He hurries as fast as he can because he loves to hug us all when he gets home! Well, maybe not Jack… ~Cooper

    • Awww, thanks Jackie… I wish I had my tail, but Mom says when I waggy my butt, it’s even cuter.

  1. Those are such cute photos! Don’t you love how it seems they can tell time? When we pull in our driveway after work our older beagle is always sitting at the door waiting for us!

    • We are pretty good at figuring out when Dad is going to come home, except he isn’t always on time! So then we get bored and just keep Mom company. ~Cooper

  2. Awwww! I love it when they know when we are coming home!!!! LOVE your blog and your page header/topper! SO cute! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site :)

  3. I love this photo! Delilah likes to wait by the glass door in front of the house, but once the first person is home, she gives that up and hangs with them. 😀

    • And you notice my butt is faceing the fireplace… gotta keep it warm you know! ~Cooper

  4. You have a fireplace? Don’t singe your fur. A couple of us cats manage to do that on occasion with these gas space heaters.

    • There is a heavy duty screen around it, so we can’t get near enough to do any singeing. Not like Buffy who had a lesson with that candle! ~Jack

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