educat jacksigbigEducat Jack here wrapping up our Writing 101 class today. I will summarize a few things and look back on our assignments, but it won’t take long… school’s almost out!

It took awhile this morning to get our mom admin assistant out of bed to type this last post for our class. She whispered something about being ‘retired’. But she finally got up with the reminder that she didn’t have to be on our blog all the time anymore.


I hinted she could even do a little analysis if she wanted… you can take the girl away from the analyst’s job, but you can’t take the analyst out of the girl, or something like that.

Here are two (what were supposed to be quick) pivot tables of data. (Our admin assistant analyst is a little rusty with her Excel.)

adieu sum

Analyst Mom is grumbling that this data is pretty meaningless. So she did a little more refining and looked at averages. She’s still not happy, but wants her afternoon free so gave up.


adieu ave

Whatever… This is the way WE see it…

adieu sumtxt++

writing meme2postcardbck


Buffy didn’t do many writing assignments but enjoyed getting back in touch with Kuruk Babybear in her favorite post: A Postcard to a Pup.

Cooper wasn’t thrilled that I enrolled him in the class, but he ended up penning six posts with a lot of barking and commenting. He says he might have learned something since his favorite post was his last, My Map is my Muse: A Dog’s Eye View (of course he got to smell stinky stuff for that one so no wonder).

We Are Sick

overnight sensationfinal

As usual I did the most work, but I am satisfied with the outcome. I kept up the momentum and we did every assignment, except the one day we wrote in sick. I am particularly fond of the post Literary Pets Go Viral as I consider it a foretelling of our writing future.

All in all it has been a challenging and rewarding month. I hope you have enjoyed reading our literary assignments. Do you have a favorite? Let us know, and maybe we can write more like it.

I wonder what our theme will be for October… The Art of Napping?


~Educat Jack~

summer vacation

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    • No worries there… I’m not so clever with words. I’m a visual creator. I truly appreciate the compliment. Everyone has their strengths. :)

    • Thank you thank you!!!!!! As you must know, it is truly wonderful when readers interact with you and compliments are sooooo treasured. (human here)

  1. I gotta go with Coop. The doggie map was my favorite, too. I love finding smelly things. And reading about finding smelly things. And rolling in smelly things. And trying to eat smelly things. And creating my own smelly things.

    Love and licks,

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