Catrepreneur JackCatrepreneur Jack here with our last writing assignment for the week, this one is: Update your readers over a cup of coffee.

I don’t know about any other cats and dogs, but we don’t drink coffee. Luckily Cheri at Blogging U mentioned that we could always answer this question: Love or hate coffee? Tell us why.

Being the creative creatures that we are, each of us answered in our own way. Buffy wrote a haiku.



Coffee why coffee

Frantic humans drink that stuff

Catnip tea for me.

~Buffy Cat~

Cooper had never tried it so immersed himself in the experience and finally had to get out. I don’t think he’ll try it again.

coffee cup pup wtcl sig

I, Catrepreneur Jack, decided to commercialize their artistic responses and designed mugs for our Zazzle store.

Check out Buffy the Coffee Cat and her haiku on a mug at Zazzle.


Cooper cuppupmug sig

And of course, Cooper the Pup on a Cup at our Zazzle store.

There you have it, the Friday assignment is done and I got in some merchandising.

Now I say TDIF! (thank dog it’s Friday)

~Non Java Drinking Jack~

P.S. While you’re checking out our Zazzle store, look at my mug on mugssly cat smile.


jack catrepreneur


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