Please read this note to our Writing 101 teacher about how sick we are today.


Trying to recover for tomorrow’s assignment,

~Tuxedo Jack, Buffy Cat and Cooper the Cattledog~

P.S. Please don’t tell Mom but we actually did do the assignment.

Day 8 Assignment: Expand a Comment

You see, on our mom’s post on Sunday, our friend Cupcake from Cupcake Speaks commented that 2catsandacattledog are serious competition for her blog, Meghan aka FireBonnet. We don’t want to be better than her, so we thought we’d be sick today so we wouldn’t be so successful in Writing 101. You see, we DID expand on a comment.




12 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day 8: We Are Sick

  1. Adorable letter for the sickies!!! My fur kids need to step up their game…they are so not as talented as yours!!!

    • Human here… between you and me, I am their admin assistant is getting a little tired of posting daily… phew!

      • LOL…the critters are quite good at being slave drivers…I totally hear ya!!

    • I appreciate that you enjoy our work Gina Blue. I also prance like a pony, but only when running over wet grass. My Tuxedo hero is Henri le Chat Noir, do you know his work? Here is his YouTube station. Please give my regards to your PurrBaby, Tuxies must stick together!

      • No I did not know about Henri le Chat Noir, but now I do. Too funny! There’s just something about the French language that lends itself to understatement which results in over-the-top humor. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll pass your regards to PurrBaby…

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