Our first assignment in Writing 101 is: I write because… Since Jack and Cooper wrote ‘why do we blog‘ in our intro, it’s my turn!

writing 101

I write because the warm wind ruffles my fur on bright days and must be shared.

I write because bitty birds flittering in my sight are so exciting I can’t keep it in.

I write because the hunt for the elusive mouse and finally catching it is a tale to be told.

I write because the D.O.G.s irritate me so much I MUST fling words at them.

I write haiku because the rhythm of the lines fit the rhythm of my padding feet.

I write because curling in the arms of my loved one fills my heart with warmth and purrs and stories, and with love she translates them to words.




Thank you for reading. If all the assignments are as easy as this one maybe I won’t mind that Educat Jack enrolled us in this Writing 101 class. Licks and Purrs, Buffy.




9 thoughts on “Writing 101- I Write because… by Buffy Cat

  1. I love it. <3

    How poetic and simple!

    But the cat is giving me a fierce look lol 😛

    Best Wishes,

    Anand :)

    • Vibrant, that is the look I give the mice, please don’t take offense. I appreciate your compliment, I am a cat of few words, not like Tuxedo Jack. Purrs, Buffy

  2. I hope I am not one of the irritating D.O.G.S. Mom tells me I’m more like a kitten sometimes….

    Love and licks,

    • There are a few dogs I like Cupcake. You and Kuruk top the list. Purrs, Buffy

    • You are most certainly a discerning reader Marion. Love our blog and cats? What more could I ask?
      Purrs, Buffy.

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