badge philosocatPhilosocat Jack here with the third assignment in Writing 101: a one word prompt, and I chose the word Treasure from the list.

Untitled-1Although I would enjoy being Pirate Cat Jack, I didn’t go with the classic image of Treasure today.

Instead, I meditated on what treasures I have in my life both experiential and abstract. I came up with these.


True friends to touch you.


Road trips for experiential enjoyment.


Easy chair for easy meditation.


A bête noire for spiritual growth.


Sunshine for radiant naps.


Upside down to see life from a different perspective.


Rinds of watermelon to savor the sweet things.


Excellent catnip to reach high-er awareness.

Thank you very much for reading the 3rd assignment for our Writing 101 class. So far this university course is flexing my cohorts and my creative muscles. Stay tuned tomorrow for assignment 4… we don’t know what it is yet, so who knows which of us will write it!

Meowww… suspense, perhaps I will don my Alfred Hitch-cat personae.

~Philosocat Jack



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    • All creatures great and small… love sunshine. :) except maybe albino moles, purrs, Jack

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