Tuxedo Jack here responding to our 11th assignment in Writing 101, which ironically is about not writing.

As much as we love to write, it’s important to take breaks — to live your life and have new experiences, and to reflect and recharge so you can come back to your desk, ready to hit the keyboard again. Not writing allows you to gain the distance from your words, and thus perspective, which are both needed when it’s time to edit.

Cheri at Blogging U

What do we do when we aren’t writing? How do we fill our creative wells? The answer for us is simple… we soak up nature. Cooper the Cattledog plays games outside; Buffy Cat hunts and hides in the grass; and I wander the ranch and sit in the sunlight (outside or in).

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet paws and the winds long to play with your hair fur.

Khalil Gibran (with a few kitty changes)

Thank you for visiting our blog today. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Remember to bask in the sunlight and take long happy walks.

~’Not Writing’ Tuxedo Jack~

not writing


7 thoughts on “Writing 101: Writing and Not Writing

    • Thank you very much Ms Kathy Lynn Brooks. Classic is yet another of my many names… Classic Jack, I like the ring of it.

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. That is my exact point for why I RARELY will ever blog 7 days a week. I commit to 3 and if I do more, great…if not, that’s great too. I know a number of blogs that I feel SHOULD take a break from blogging 7 days a week because you can tell when it is forced. Oh and your photos are gorgeous!

    • Human here… I am posting more than I like this month because I enrolled the furry family in the Writing 101 class. But I wanted some exposure for their redesigned blog. In October I’ll go back to a comfortable posting schedule. 3-5 between the two blogs. Thank you on the photos! Jack very nicely posed for me that morning!

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